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IoT - Nov 20, 2017

A very innovative educational approach to Smart Cities using Lego. Congrats to the SalesForce team - it looked like an awesome set. The beauty of relying on Lego is that we're so accustomed to using them as analogies for the real world that the whole concept of a #SmartCity can be absorbed in a few seconds.

Lego has been creating these amazing replicas using bricks and their little yellow characters in so many configurations that you can build entire cities, even mimicking real ones if you have the patience and the proper bricks.

As robotic and programmable approach is already embedded in Lego sets such as the Lego Mindstorms ones, it makes for great showcase material when you try to give an holistic sense of what a #Smartcity could look like.

Unlike a static demonstration using traditional landscape and plastic cars / figures, sensing the pulse of the animated city gives the extra-edge to help people transition from the idea/concept of smart cities to tangible experiments and benefits.

So... are you already thinking in building one in your office ?


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