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Sep 18, 2015

Welcome from the Editor-in-Chief

Technological change is sweeping across Canada and the rest of the world, disrupting whole industries and upending once sacrosanct business models. At Deloitte, we recognize that the only effective response to such breathtaking transformation is for businesses to build a culture of preparedness and foster innate organizational agility.

Inspired by the work at Singularity University, whose mission empowers leaders in the application of exponential technologies, we at Deloitte recognize that innovation, whether it be cognitive computing, additive manufacturing or robotics, must be understood and embraced if we are to capitalize on the opportunity these challenges pose.

"We want to educate leaders about accelerating tech and how to harness that capability." — Salim Ismail, Global Ambassador & Founding Executive Director, Singularity University

As a visitor to this hub, we hope you'll share your hard-earned knowledge with us—and learn something too. Together we'll tackle what faces us and expand our understanding of what is possible. The time is now. And the place is Deloitte Exponentials. Welcome to Exponentials.


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