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Sep 24, 2015

Recap of #OCEDiscovery Day 1 and What Not to Miss on Day 2

Recap of #OCEDiscovery Day 1 and What Not to Miss on Day 2

Posted by: The Team,Innovation Leaders @ Deloitte

Day 1 at any other event would have started with the expected buzz and excitement, but Day 1 at Discovery exploded into action with a huge announcement by Premier Kathleen Wynne. As part of the 2015 Budget, Ontario is investing up to $25 million to help successful startups grow.

“Startup success can be engineered. It can be learned. It can be taught,” Wynne explained borrowing a perspective from the Eric Ries book The Lean Startup. “Entrepreneurship isn’t about working in isolation—it’s about partnership and it needs help to succeed and flourish.”

The funding, which will be joined by further investment from Scale Up Ventures and private investors, will focus on nurturing local entrepreneurs while creating a dynamic and innovative environment for business.

Following the announcement, the keynote got on its way with Eric Ries himself joining the stage via closed circuit for a conversational Q&A with Financial Post columnist Rick Spence. For the largely startup crowd, Ries’ insights and advice on how to efficiently build an organization from the ground up was an energizing topic, reminding them of what they were working towards.

With a whole show floor dedicated to the province’s leading-edge tech and research, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at Discovery. But with his talk, David Roberts of Singularity University brought everyone back to the real point of innovation by speaking on courage and compassion. He used a perspective on symmetry to do so, mentioning: just as a few people can kill a hundred thousand people, at the same time however, a few people can help a hundred thousand people. The Discovery crowd was moved in this reminder that technology should be fuelled by what’s most impactful, what brings positive advancement.

We had the great pleasure of sitting down with David Roberts, Neil Jacobstein and Adam Little on Day 1 at OCE Discovery. Stay tuned for more on their thoughts about supporting young leaders in innovation and the future of Canadian startups in a forthcoming post.

What Not to Miss on Day 2

More to look forward to today. We're excited the hear the talk on The Emergence of AgTech and the Future of Computing.

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