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Oct 13, 2017

Empowering continuous learning as individuals to drive fundamental and transformational changes in performance.

Reflecting on the inaugural Singularity U Canada Summit

I am overwhelmed unpacking the content I had the privilege of experiencing at Singularity U's inaugural SU Canada Summit. Reviewing the pages of notes, pictures of key slides, words frantically jotted down in emails, texts and iPhone notes, I am shocked by the sheer amount of information I have just been presented with.

Yesterday, I was deeply moved by the concept of scalable learning. The best corporate results I have affected have come from harnessing the power of curiosity, passion and creativity. John Hagel, Co-Chairman of the Centre for the Edge said the most powerful form of learning in an exponential world is creating new knowledge through unexpected challenges. I could not agree more with this. The most impactful learning comes from experiences. From actually doing.

Hagel asked: how may we redesign the entire work environment to accelerate learning and performance improvement?

For example, looking at automation in this context, how do we use automation to fundamentally rethink what work should be for humans? How do we tap into the unique human capabilities that will create value? How can we redefine work so everyone is focused on CREATING value?

I believe we need to motivate, inspire and elevate individuals and teams in order to affect change.

David Roberts, Distinguished Faculty of Innovation & Disruption at SU delivered a staggering closing keynote where he challenged us to think critically about the assumptions we are making of our future. He suggests exponential leaders don't try to save the world - they change themselves, and the world follows. We need to support individuals to have the MORAL COURAGE to change themselves. Growing our passion, compassion and love of what we do will follow with courage.

I am left feeling powerfully optimistic about the future of Canada, and the future of our world.

Thank you SU for rewiring me; I am forever changed.


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