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Oct 12, 2017

Amazing talk at #SUCanSummit by Suzanne Gilbert of Kindred AI on Robot Rights

Suzanne Gilbert is Co-Founder and CSO of Kindred AI. She oversees the design and engineering of the company's human-like robots and is responsible for the development of cognitive architectures that allow these robots to learn about themselves and their environments.

During her talk at the SingularityU Canada Summit, Suzanne posed the question:

Why do we need to build AI systems that look think and act like humans?

Her answer:

* Empirical answer - we love creating things in our own image.

* Practical answer - our world is designed for humans

* Philosophical answer - AI must share our subjective experience if we are to communicate naturally with it

* Suzanne’s answer - we can more easily merge with AI if it inhabits a similar body to ours

What's your answer?


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