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Dec 4, 2017

What if you could control the world around you solely with your mind?

Dr. Divya Chander: Improving Our Human Selves

Electrodes implanted in the brain enable quadriplegic people to interface with external machines. Being disabled will no longer be a disability. Curious to know more? Watch the incredibly engaging Dr. Divya Chander go deep on improving our human selves at Canada's inaugural Singularity University Summit:

Dr. Divya Chander | Faculty of Medicine with Singularity University

Dr. Chander is a physician and neuroscientist who trained at Harvard, UCSD, UCSF, and the Salk Institute. She has been on the Anesthesiology Faculty at Stanford University since 2008 and Neuromedicine Faculty at Singularity University since 2010. Her postdoctoral training in optogenetic technology was conducted in the laboratories of Karl Deisseroth and Luis de Lecea at Stanford, where she used light-activated ion channels inserted in DNA to study sleep and consciousness switches in brains. Read more.


How neuroscience and the study of consciousness are revealing the secrets of one of the most complicated structure in the universe— the human brain.


•Basic scientific explanation of neuroscience and consciousness.

•How your brain connects to your body and why it is an integral piece of keeping you healthy.

•How powerful your brain is and how it can be our greatest asset in preserving and improving your long-term health. For example, mental image reconstruction using electrodes and machine learning (essentially mind-reading) and the possibilities of artificial limbs to replace or augment human limbs.

“ Imagine you’re a person with a disability. What if you could control the world around you solely with your mind? ”

~Divya Chander


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