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BMW leverages IoT for everyday use cases

BMWs open mobility cloud connects your car with IoT home devices and is rooted in your daily routine. 

Here are a few examples of functionality:

• Allows your temperature to be adjusted, doors unlocked or locked, lights turned on based on your ETA; triggered by your calendar and can adjusted based your route home

• Enable things like off peak charging of your electric car

• By dropping your keys on the interactive mirror,  the car can park itself in your garage and then engage the customized charging plan based upon your schedule and usage

• The car will can automatically pull out, turn around and pull up out front when you leave in the morning

• Once at work, walked to the spot you want the car to park in, do an assigned hand gesture with your smart watch which tells the car to park in that spot by itself

• Perhaps one of the highlighted features is if the car is bumped, it will notify your smartphone and will stream video, so you can hunt down your co-worker and yell at them for sloppy parking


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